Anna Mareschal
de Charentenay


Tailored Ceramics
Tailored Ceramics, glazed
Real Fake Cheese
Faire Cabane
Future Food Fantasy
Rocking Chair


Anna is a French designer graduated in 2022 from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where she explored ceramics, treehouses and food systems.

She is currently working in Milan as a leather goods designer at Bottega Veneta.

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Future Food Fantasy 

Gelatine is the main by-product of the meat industry.
As regulations tend to limit animal farming for ecological motives, Future Food Fantasy explores the eating habits that could result from gelatine becoming a prized food item, and the table manners to match.

Alongside the material research, the typography ‘Guilie’ was developed.

Gelatine, glazed stoneware. Pictures by Alexandre Delasalle.