Anna Mareschal
de Charentenay


Tailored Ceramics
Real Fake Cheese
Faire Cabane
Future Food Fantasy
Rocking Chair


Anna is a French designer graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

She is currently exploring ceramics, treehouses and food systems.

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Tailored Ceramics

What happens when two crafts meet?
By exchanging the material-specific techniques of clay slab building and pattern-making in textiles, a new form language is explored and embodied in a series of ceramic objects. In the realm of fabric, it is the seams that hold the pieces together and create shape and volume. The malleability of clay, however, allows for ‘seamless’ connections, with the material being smoothed out. ‘Tailored Ceramics’ shows how obvious seams can create a new form language in pottery. A series of re-invented iconic vases, such as an amphora, an alabaster or a French ‘bugadier’, celebrate the outcome of this crafty encounter.

Stoneware. Photos by Leon Barre.