Anna Mareschal
de Charentenay


Tailored Ceramics
Tailored Ceramics, glazed
Real Fake Cheese
Faire Cabane
Future Food Fantasy
Rocking Chair


Anna is a French designer graduated in 2022 from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where she explored ceramics, treehouses and food systems.

She is currently working in Milan as a leather goods designer at Bottega Veneta.

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Tailored Ceramics, glazed

The glazed pieces Bugadier, Oenochoe and Alabaster are currently on show and available at the -> Mint Gallery, London, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Alchemy of Form’.

The ‘Tailored Ceramics, glazed’ series was featured at  the ->Tools Galerie, Paris, during the ‘Objets d’Explorations’ exhibition (12.05.-30.06.2023).

From top to bottom:
Bugadier, Oenochoe, Round Amphora, Long Amphora, Alabastre.
Glazed stoneware.